Diving flag 5 Car Flag, CARFIN Magnetic Car Flag.

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Introducing for the first time in the US and most other countries, the one product that not only makes your car look cool, but it also displays something close to your heart. CARFIN!!!! Display your country's flag, your favorite sports team, and many more eye-catching ideas...ON YOUR CAR. Order one now and some for your friends and family. Makes a great gift. 

With this original CARFIN, you can show which Hobbies & interest you are rooting for when you are "on the road". The CARFIN is the sturdy alternative to car flags, rearview mirror covers and the like.
With its aerodynamic and unique shape, it will be the eye-catcher on your car. The magnet attachment allows for an easy and secure placement on the carriage, roof or rear.

Three disc-shaped neodymium magnets are embedded in the base of the CARFIN &  ensure that the fan article stays secured even at high speeds

Since most car roofs are made of steel sheet, the CARFIN attaches to most cars. Unfortunately, there are also non-magnetic car roofs, such as on the Smart, for instance.  Please inform yourself before you order if your car roof is ready for a CARFIN. 

Before you attach it, make sure the surface is clean and free of ice.  Place the fan fin at an angle on the desired spot first before you straighten it up.  The CARFIN has been approved by DEKRA up to a maximum speed of 80 MPH. We suggest the recommended speed of 80 MPH.  Remove the CARFIN during strong winds or storms.  Legal tip: The CARFIN  counts as an additional load, which the driver is responsible for. We or the manufacturer do not assume liability for any damages to the user or third parties resulting from a detaching CARFIN.

The CARFIN is delivered in this packaging (9 x 5.5 x 1 Inch).

Product details

  • Extremely stronghold thanks to the 3 strong super magnets.
  • No scratch on Paint or damage. 
  • Seal of approval from the DEKRA Automobil Testing Center in Germany.
  • Recommended maximum speed: 80 MPH.
  • Weather-proof special plastic prevents paint damage.
  • Sturdy special foil with a UV protective.
  • Very easy to fix & remove. 


Technical data

Strength:         Approx.33Ib, Approx.147N
Material:           Plastic (weather-proof)
Size:                 7.5 X 5.5 inch  (190X140 MM)
Made in            Body in Germany & Print & Packing in the USA.
Weigh:              4 OZ  (115 g)